The Glue ‘buys’ in to Money20/20 Europe

PSD2now enables compliance with new legislation
Personal Finance Management, offering value added services on top of PSD2now
New independent market survey report also available*

Brussels, 20th June 2017. The Glue is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the Money 20/20 Europe event being held in Copenhagen on 26th June and 27th June 2017. At the show, the firm will be demonstrating PSD2now, already in use at BNP Paribas Fortis and presenting the capabilities of its Personal Finance Management (PFM) offering. The Glue is located on the B-Hive stand, H4.

The PFM offering will enable financial services providers to offer state-of-the-art personal financial, and budget management capabilities. Its advanced services can easily be integrated into the user experience, enabling the bank to provide a complete overview of a client’s financial position to both the customer and the financial advisor. PFM eliminates the age-old challenge of consolidating and introducing multiple data sources, including budget plans, categories and user preferences’ etc., which are typically stored in disparate systems across the business. Using PFM, all banks will be able to very quickly, and efficiently, integrate different or cross domain legacy systems, and also with other banks, via our PSD2now solution. This unique approach provides an accurate, holistic 360° view of each customer, which will significantly improve the overall user experience.

Jurgen Ingels, Co-Founder at The Glue said. “Money20/20 Europe represents another great opportunity for The Glue to showcase our growing portfolio of innovative, financial services capabilities. The PFM solution is being specifically created in response to our client’s needs. Our recently published market survey*, clearly indicated that in the face of emerging competition, customer retention and new business acquisition are major challenges for many of the more established financial services firms. Banks are also under increasing pressure from today’s more sophisticated and cost-conscious customers, who in their quest to become more self-sufficient when it comes to managing their own personal financial arrangements, are demanding new and improved online services. We believe that PFM will satisfy the needs of both banks and customers alike, by creating a more enriched digitally led experience, for all parties.”

*The Glue is also pleased to announce the availability of an independent market survey report – The impact of Digital in global financial services – Evolution, not revolution – which was published at the recent EBAday 2017 conference held in Dublin. The report was commissioned by The Glue to gain a better understanding of how financial institutions are addressing the many complex challenges they currently face in achieving business and digital transformation within their respective firms. To download your personal copy, go to Resources.

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