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Enabling financial institutions to be Open Banking ready.

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Be empowered. Imagine the unimaginable with no constraints on future innovation.

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Develop Open Banking compliant solutions and co-create new collaboration opportunities. Faster than ever before.

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Anticipate change, implement innovation and create new business opportunities. Faster than the competition.

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Speed to market. The blueprint to continually create, customise and deploy customer-centric solutions.

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The Glue – driving change, empowering innovation

Open Banking is an unstoppable force and will change the face of banking forever. The Glue’s unique combination of deep banking expertise and it’s proven, game changing software platform is an unbeatable proposition. The Glue platform has been designed to support the Open Banking objectives and is a catalyst for change. It enables all financial firms to be ‘Open Banking Ready’ and to differentiate themselves from the competition, through the development of innovative customer service capabilities and the creation of new business development opportunities, faster than was previously possible.

The goal of Open Banking is to provide a fairer, more equitable environment for everyone involved. Lack of choice and poor service, has typically left customers frustrated and disappointed, with many paying far more than they should for substandard, or outdated banking services. Open Banking is designed to readdress the imbalance between choice, transparency, price and customer service.

PSD2 is just around the corner with GDPR is hot on its heels, and are just two of the high-profile directives on the agenda and there are more to come. These far-reaching reforms, and those that follow are mandatory requirements and the consequences of not responding quickly enough or being non-compliant will be significant.  The skills and experience required to capitalise on the opportunities Opening Banking represents are in high demand and hard to find. The Glue has both and is already helping customers to shape modern, adaptable and compliant solutions which meet their needs both now, and into the future.

We inspire our clients to visualise the unimaginable and very quickly develop amazing customer-centric service offerings that both protects existing technology investments and accelerates business growth. The Glue enables innovation, business transformation and improved collaboration capabilities and empowers our users to continually create exciting new revenue generating opportunities. Our mantra is: Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.

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Our solutions

The Glue is designed to enable the rapid creation of customer-centric capabilities whilst protecting the related, non-functional requirements (NFRs) that exist within the financial services industry.

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Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.