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We realize your digital dreams

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Case Study

How Belfius Innovates Bond Trading for the primary debt market.
A virtual trading room on a PC or tablet.

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Evolve to an agile provider and design solutions for today's digital users.

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Generate new world solutions on your traditional core system.

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Dynamically implement customer-driven changes. Scale when you want.

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Blog article

How Banks can use fintech to beat fintechs

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We help financial institutions launch digital solutions.

The Glue changes the way banks and insurance companies engage with their customers. Our platform is built for accelerated digitalization of your solutions. It enables to connect customer-facing channels and API-based services with your legacy infrastructure.

Build solutions, orchestrate user interactions, dynamically implement customer-driven changes and aggregate information from disperse databases. We exist to create a new digital reality…without disrupting your organization.

Why bank on The Glue?

The Glue’s modular design and building block approach are unique and help you go faster. We help you scale easily, when you are ready – without compromising efficiency. Our platform is accessible for companies of all shapes and sizes. We help you stretch your core system beyond its initial design.

Different from other companies, we have the ability to think with you and help you move from technology-bound to a provider of personalized services for more customer engagement.

What our tier 1 customers say…

They say we are a trusted partner and they praise our great service.

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Our solutions

The Glue is designed to enable the rapid creation of customer-centric capabilities whilst protecting the related, non-functional requirements (NFRs) that exist within the financial services industry.

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A new market survey report - The impact of Digital in the global financial services - is now available.

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Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.