containerised in memory event driven journeys that bring:

  •  Transactional consistency
  •  High availability: seamless clustering and failover capabilities
  •  Elastic scalability
  •  Intrinsic replication for active/active deployment
  •  Microservices packaging
  •  Ultra-light deployment

In memory data grid

Memory first architecture:

  • Memory as storage rather than disk
  • Pluggable data overflow/storage write through

Data gravity:

  • Distributed co-location of data and processing
  • Extremely low latency/data transfer

High speed cache for backend data

Event driven journeys

Business Process orchestration


  • Long-living
  • Loosely coupled
  • Composable

Fine grained events
Asynchronous processing
Full end-to-end traceability
Event Handler to stream events


Grid nodes deployed in Docker

  • Operability (DevOps)
  • Security
    • Isolation
    • Access restrictions
    • Inter-node communication encryption
  • Changeability
  • Versioning
  • Deployment of new versions or journeys without downtime

Embedded NFRs

Our platform has the bank grade non-functional requirements built in by design. This results in a reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant system that offers guaranteed exactly once processing built specifically for the financial industry.

Lifting of operational data

The Glue smart caches relevant operational data (based on a usage based freshness concept) to limit calls to backend systems and exploit the high value data that is locked in these systems. The Glue leverages on new data management techniques that avoid imposing yet another data model.

Integration layer to core banking

A large piece of the current digitisation scope can be covered by leaving the existing middleware intact and merely consuming available integration services.