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An out-of-the-box, fully compliant PSD2 solution

The Glue’s PSD2now solution has been specifically designed to support the complex requirements of the PSD2 directive and is already in use in a major European bank. The objective of PSD2 is to dismantle the long established monopoly by the major banks on their user’s data, and to provide a much fairer competitive environment for all industry participants, irrespective of size or geographical location. It will transform the way we pay for products and services online, what we are able to see when making payments and what information consumers are prepared to share. In future, all service providers will be allowed permissioned access to retrieve data from accounts held in other banks.

Accommodating the new requirements of PSD2 will require significant investment on behalf of the industry, but will be good news for consumers. PSD2now is a non disruptive, highly enabling solution which will accelerate our clients business innovation initiatives.

Key benefits

Rapid deployment ready

Out of the box fully compliant PSD2 solution rapid deployment ready

Seamless connectivity

Seamlessly connects with existing payment frontends and legacy systems

Sophisticated data management

Manage data from multiple sources

Responsive to change

Highly flexible and can be quickly adapted to accommodate changing regulatory or customer demands

Innovate faster than ever before

Rapid development of innovative customer-centric solutions

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