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Know your customers and their financial dealings

The Glue’s KYCnow solution has been specifically designed to support the complete requirements of the KYC directive. Knowing who you are doing business with is imperative, efficient KYC practises protect financial institutions from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for AML (anti-money laundering purposes). Stringent policies have been designed to prove firms have a complete understanding of their potential customers and their financial dealings, before doing business with them. The Regulators are levying massive financial penalties on those firms who are unable to demonstrate KYC compliance. The Glue has developed a flexible solution to provide validated customer information to support the complex requirements of the KYC directive.

KYCnow will empower our users to accelerate their business innovation initiatives.

Key benefits

Data capture

Fast and efficient customer data capture capabilities with real-time data validity and consistency checking.

Data Enrichment

Easy access to multiple internal and external data sources, including public channels.

Data Verification

Verify consistency and accuracy of the data gathered and avoid duplication with highly efficient matching capabilities.

Data Analysis

Detailed customer due diligence process with sophisticated sanction screening and further capability for client transaction forecasting.

Data mutualisation

Seamlessly share data with other firms and service providers via a Highly secure and transparent data exchange delivering full GDPR compliance.

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