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Account Aggregation Management

A highly efficient consent and account access management solution

Account aggregation is the consolidation of information from different accounts, which includes bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and other consumer or business accounts, into a single place. This is a core component of the Open Banking initiative and its goal is to facilitate safe and seamless aggregation of a customer’s multiple accounts via APIs instead, of the soon to be outlawed practice, of screen scraping. The Glue’s account aggregation solution has been specifically created to support this much needed facility. The platform complies to all the standards laid out in the Open Banking directive and provides sophisticated and highly efficient consent management and multiple account access capabilities. This further empowers the customer as it also enables them to authorise third parties to quickly, and securely, access all relevant account related information. This significantly improves the overall customer experience and delivers many benefits.

Key benefits

Complete oversight and control

Customers have total control of their entire financial portfolio together with on-demand access to a 360 degree consolidated view of all their account and the related transaction history.

Customer profiling and personalisation

Users can customise their account management facilities to suit both personal preferences and professional needs.

Sophisticated account monitoring

Significantly improves budget allocation and expense management capabilities with fully automated payment scheduling.

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