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Our Mantra

Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.

The Glue is a catalyst for change. It empowers all financial institutions to imagine the unimaginable, and to deliver amazing, customer-centric service offerings and solutions, which create loyal and sticky customers.

Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.

Visualisation, creation and innovation and the ability to repeat positive change, quickly and easily, sums up the very essence of The Glue. The digital economy is now an unstoppable force, affecting virtually every single person on the planet. Emerging consumer behaviours and service requirements are evolving on almost a daily basis and are driving change in ways that have never been seen before. In order to survive and prosper in a highly competitive and constantly changing world, all financial institutions globally, are under extreme pressure to re-invent their traditional business models. The Glue is a modern software platform, that has been specifically created, to support truly customer centric transformation initiatives within the financial services arena.


The ability to adapt quickly to new opportunities is dependent on a combination of culture and technology. Culture leads the way. Technology is the enabler. The Glue is the catalyst. It empowers all financial institutions to imagine new possibilities and deliver unique solutions quickly and confidently, with minimum disruption to the existing business.


The Glue enables financial firms to rapidly evolve from traditional, technology-bound organisations into agile service providers who can create the new products and services that demanding customers want, when they want them. It is proven to significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying enriched banking services, designed specifically for today's digitally-savvy users.


Continuous innovation is the key to continuing success. As the move to an Open Banking environment gains momentum, the customer is now firmly in control. The Glue helps financial firms to satisfy the insatiable demands, of both customers and regulators alike, for innovation, improved services, greater transparency and robust compliance capabilities. Its modern architecture helps to dismantle old world dependencies on legacy infrastructures, enabling financial institutions to anticipate changing service requirements and to quickly generate much needed new world solutions that differentiate them from the competition.


Size no longer matters, and speed to market separates the innovators from the laggards. The Glue's comprehensive development framework is appropriate for all financial firms. It empowers users to very quickly create or customise new digital experiences and to dynamically implement customer driven changes, as and when required. Multiple versions of existing offerings can seamlessly co-exist enabling the rapid roll-out of new business functionality.

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Visualise. Create. Innovate. Repeat.