FRAMEWORK to create

FRAMEWORK to create new digital services fast

  •  Comprehensive Software Development Kit to speed-up the full software delivery lifecycle 
  •  EPC-modelling which allows defining next generation use cases 
  •  Code generation
  •  Facilitated creation of reusable components
  •  Test factory (journeys and integration)
  •  API documentation generation


EPC journey modelling and design

The digital customer dialogue needs to be more responsive than that obtained with the traditional business process management tools. Our orchestration in event driven journeys underpins truly reactive, personalised and intelligent interactions. We process context aware events from the channels and blend them with real time input from customer intelligence, risk, compliance or other systems.

Rapid development

The Glue comes with a comprehensive development framework to create and customise journeys. The full journey life cycle is covered following the DevOps value chain: model, design, implementation, integration, testing, deployment, execution and monitoring. Accelerators (e.g. connector layer) at each step of the pipeline empower banks to deliver fast with full control over versioning. Immediate productivity is guaranteed using the Glue Zone.

Docker deployment

Fine grained deployment of journeys allows changes to be made fast yet robustly. Multiple versions of a journey can co-exist allowing a gradual roll-out of new business functionality.