Introduce innovative financial services through real time omni channel journeys

To kick start our customers in their digital offering we provide ready-made journeys within specific functional domains like for example PSD2 or Personal Finance Management. These journeys can be used as delivered but also customized or extended to meet the customer's specific needs.  Once the journeys are connected using our integration accelerators the customer is ready to go !

We don’t see PSD2 as the next payment directive; we consider it part of a fast-moving evolution towards the future of digital payments and banking in general. 
The Glue has setup a pre-packaged PSD2 offering, which includes all APIs, a bank should expose in the context of PSD2. Furthermore it includes also the services required for the management of consents and TPPs.


A good Personal Finance Management solution should be at the heart of the digital banking experience, i.e. tightly integrated with the day-to-day banking. This means however that a lot of integrations with existing systems will be required and that non-functional requirements like security, availability and technical performance will be considerable.

Securities and Investments are becoming increasingly automated through Digital Investment Advisors that generate automatic proposals based on the customer's profile. The next steps will be a real-time adaptation of this customer's profile based on online customer interactions and analytics, allowing to generate at all time relevant proposals. The Glue can assist in capturing and orchestrating these data flows.

The insurance business is strongly evolving with new services like actionable cross-selling, black box integration, reduction of home insurance risk through IoT, reduction in life insurance risk through wearables, new methods of fraud detection through geo-location and integration with service providers (travel agencies, car vendors) or data providers (travel websites, sport clubs). The Glue allows insurers to quickly enable those evolutions.

New regulations require financial institutions to actively manage consents and third-parties (e.g. required for  PSD2, GDPR, MiFID II). Furthermore, any interaction with a prospect is difficult, since they are not yet known in the back-end systems (KYC). The Glue provides the strategic placeholder to solve these short-comings.

An open API platform allows integration to state of the art market solutions for big data analytics, dynamic pricing, decision rules engines, invoicing and billing, cyber security, IoT, wearables, notifications via apps, checkout-less solutions, VR grocery stores, task and follow-up management for brokers, available 24x7 and in real-time.