The Glue offers the global banking industry a next generation technology platform to enable fundamental digital transformation.

Our solution effectively glues front-end channels and API-ecosystems to existing banking systems and supports the rapid creation of new products and offerings. Rich digital banking services, accelerated integration, embedded non-functionals and innovative data capabilities are key drivers in the design of our product. Hence, The Glue solution delivers the software components that allow incumbent banks to become active players in a fast moving mobile and digitised landscape.

Your Needs

Today’s banking consumer expects seamless digital integration from initiation to fulfillment. Institutions that can offer compelling services and products, offered via personalised, intuitive and in-the-moment interactions will gain the client’s loyalty. Next generation banking is about fundamental change. Innovation of the traditional banking architecture is required to enter the digital ecosystem and realise a competitive edge. Banking customers are increasingly absorbing the convenience of digital and mobile experiences into their attitude and expectations towards the services banks are offering. At the same time, the financial services domain is unbundling at a rapid pace, driven by innovative fintech companies that disrupt the more inert incumbent banks and break apart the existing value chains. Banks are forced into a digital transformation process to fight for customer loyalty.

To achieve this, banks need to

  • provide a seamless multichannel customer experience
  • use the data they have to leverage on better customer insights, but most of all
  • innovate their digital business models and products to meet changing customer expectations and
  • face fierce competitive pressures to deliver more and faster.

To worsen the situation, regulations are being reshaped to support the digitisation and open the financial services economy. On the customer facing-side banks have improved their multichannel offering and enhanced thedigital product scope with some value-adding services

At the same time, banks need to

  • cut costs
  • increase productivity
  • streamline processes
  • find new sources of revenue
  • comply to stringent regulatory and risk requirements
  • run their current systems at first-class service levels.


The time-to-market is still too slow compared to what disruptors achieve, the customer journey and interaction remains too fragmented and the underlying processes too rigid. The required velocity of change and real time data exchange requires a more structural redesign. Digital business and delivery models demand a leap towards a new paradigm in the belly of the bank. The main internal challenge banks need to cope with today is introducing a new fast-speed architecture in the front-end while maintaining the stability of the core transactional architecture. The innovative front needs to change iteratively at digital speed, agile and scaling elastically. The back-end focussing on integrity, zero data loss and reliable stable processes. Hence, it is all about implementing the 2-speed architecture

Our Solution

The Glue solution enables banks to transform towards a flexible, customer-centric and next generation platform, leveraging on its existing core systems. The Glue provides the required fast-speed architecture, accelerating the integration with the transactional systems. We allow banks to become a participant of the API-economy where co-creation allows new digital value-chains to be monetized.

  • Enabling rich digital experiences with real time interaction
  • Connecting channels and product engines in a uniform way
  • Delivering the required speed and flexibility of change
    • Development accelerators and continuous delivery models
    • Intrinsically embedded non-functionals
  • Specifically designed for the Financial Services industry
    • Pre-defined banking processes and business services
  • Leveraging on big data technologies
  • API gateway for a seamless connection to front-end channels



At The Glue we are guided by a vision to build a solution that is both innovative and pragmatic in solving the exciting challenges at play in the banking industry, now and tomorrow. We believe that it is possible to make exceptional achievements when a team is driven by common principles, leveraging on experience and expertise. Years back, technology was lagging behind on business models. Today, it’s the other way round, technology is front running. We are passionate about using that technology leap to foster the success and growth of our clients.

At The Glue teamwork, thought leadership and creative pragmatism are our core values.

The Glue Solutions

Board of directors


Jurgen Ingels

  • Former Founder and CFO of Clear2Pay
  • Co-Founder NGData and Volta Ventures
  • Former Investment Manager at Dexia Ventures
  • Board member of Materialise (NASDAQ: MTLS), NGData, Itineris and Projective
  • Founding partner of SmartfFin Capital
  • Masters degree in Political and Social Sciences and MBA from the University of Antwerp

Stefan Dierckx

  • Founding Partner and CEO of Projective
  • Founding partner and Investment Committee member of SmartFin Capital
  • Co-Founder of Minos Capital
  • Former Managing Principal of Capco
  • Master of Science degree in Applied Economics, University of Antwerp

Bart Deconinck

  • Deputy Chairman of Zedra
  • Member of the board of Bureau van Dijk Editions Electroniques SA
  • Founder and former Chairman & CEO of Vistra Group
  • Former member of the Fortis Management Council
  • Former CEO of MeesPierson Intertrust
  • Master of Science degree in Applied Economics, University of Antwerp
  • Master's degree in Management Accounting, Vlerick Business School



Danny Goovaerts

Chief Technology Officer
  • 20+ years of experience in analysis, design and delivery of advanced ICT solutions, mainly in the financial services industry
  • Principal solution architect for projects in the financial industry for Capco, SWIFT, Innocom
  • Head of design and development of several software products for data access, messaging and connectivity
  • PhD in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Leuven

Paul Grimbers

Chief Product Officer
  • Programme manager for large-scale solution implementations and strategic programmes
  • 20 years of consulting and software delivery in banking and financial services
  • Managing projects for Projective, Capco, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Sungard
  • Master of Science degree in Applied Economics, University of Antwerp


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The Glue Solutions



We are ramping up our core delivery team

It have been very busy months: design the solution, implement a proof of concept, decide on the technical platform on which to build our product. And now, over 2016, we will deliver the first version of The Glue for use by our first reference customers.
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